October is Careers In Construction Month

October is Careers in Construction Month, and there has never been a better time for joining the construction industry workforce.  Skilled craftsmen, project managers, estimators, timekeepers and many other construction-related careers are available to those interested in entering the industry.  Construction has never been safer, and most employees in the construction industry report a high rate of job satisfaction.  Construction jobs pay well, affording a lifestyle and wages to support a family.  At ABC, we support multiple pathways to help workers learn more about the many careers available, get the training needed, and even assist in placing them with contractor companies.  Joe Dempsey and Mayo Zamora of Way Mechanical visited with us to tell us about their experiences, and how they got started with their careers as Project Managers.  Click the videos below to review, and reach out to ABC if you think construction is the field for you!


ABC Central Texas offers a variety of training to meet our member's needs.  These include:

  • NCCER Craft Training
  • Registered DOL Apprenticeship Program
  • Construction Management/Project Management Training
  • Construction Site Safety Technician Certification Training
  • Spanish for Construction
  • Leadership Training
  • Safety Training

Safety Programs

ABC Members strive for world-class safety excellence, and ABC Central Texas has the tools to help them succeed including:

  • A Strategic Partnership with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Austin Area Office. The overall goal of the partnership is to create a relationship that focuses on preventing fatalities, controlling or eliminating serious hazards and improving the safety management system.
  • ABC STEP Safety Management Process and tool that dramatically improves safety performance among participants regardless of company size or type of work.
  • OSHA Classes held regularly at ABC Offices. 
  • CPR Classes held monthly at ABC Offices.