ABC Central Texas Chapter is proud to offer a full service planroom to its members.

In addition, through a recent partnership with the Builders Exchange of Texas (BXTX), members receive access to the BXTX Virtual Planroom at a discounted rate. This service allows ABC members to receive access to the bid information of projects all across Texas 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Subscription includes bidding and estimating software, as well as the ability to download and plot any drawings or specs that you may need.

ABC Planroom is open from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.

Please inform ABC of the projects that you are planning to bid, as well as the appropriate architect for the project. By supplying this information, we are able to obtain plans for projects that are up for bid and/or negotiation (if we do not already have them).

ABC can be of service to sub-contractors by keeping the projects that general contractors have been awarded in our planroom. This is beneficial to both the general contractor and ABC Members as the plans are then available to sub-contractor members, thereby increasing the number of sub-contractors and suppliers bidding on a project. Advertising the availablity of plans in the ABC planroom when sending out bid information is a great way to get more members into the planroom.

ABC works harder to serve you... please let us know what you need! If you would like a set of plans for a project, the ABC Planroom will be more than happy to obtain those plans for you. Give us the necessary information so that we can get the plans.

The Planroom is capable of reproducing copies of full-size prints, as well as specifications for our members at a lower rate than most reproduction services. Members can come in and make copies of the pages needed involving their specifications. The rate for plans/spec reproduction are as follows:
Plan Copies (any size) - $3.00 per sheet
Plotter Copies (any size) - $3.00 per sheet
Spec Copies (8.5"x11") - $0.10 per page

Copies can also be ordered from the BXTX virtual planroom. For more information call the ABC office.
Questions?  Call 512-719-5263, Fax 512-719-3278

Virtualbx.comrepresents a unique approach to construction news reporting.
Our philosophy is based on the premise that the best, most viable project information, can only be gathered by local news agencies. Agencies which have made themselves a vital part of the local construction scene, who know the people, politics and business climate of the area and who have built a solid reputation and have earned the respect of the entire industry.

We invite you to try and compare our reports to your current provider and judge for yourself, for a FREE TRIAL contact  Be sure and tell them if you are a current ABC member.

Plan Copies (any size) - $3.00 per sheet
Plotter Copies (any size) - $3.00 per sheet
Spec Copies (8.5"x11") - $0.10 per page

*charges billed quarterly*

We are always working to try and help our members save money!
Planroom hours: Mon-Thurs, 7am-5pm & Friday, 8am-5pm