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ABC is the nation's leading commercial and industrial construction trade association, representing nearly 21,000 members nationwide. We believe in free enterprise and work to ensure that business freedoms and rights are protected.


Merit Shop is a way of doing business in which companies reward employees based on performance and encourage them to reach their highest level of achievement, and in which contracts are awarded based on safety, quality and value, regardless of labor affiliation.

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Until now, relatively few studies have been conducted on the correlation between the use of measures companies can take to keep workers safe on jobsites—leading indicators—and the number of incidents, accidents and injuries that occur—lagging indicators. In 2015, ABC created the Safety Performance Report to address this issue.

The charts and summaries in the 2020 edition present the clearest picture yet of the remarkable impact that leading indicator use has on a company’s safety performance: fewer disrupted or lost lives and a safer, more productive jobsite regardless of the size of the company. In fact, companies that engage in leading indicator use are, statistically, considerably safer than their peers.

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step safety management SYSTEM

Founded in 1989 as a safety benchmarking and improvement tool, STEP has evolved into a world-class safety management system that dramatically improves safety performance among participants regardless of company size or type of work.

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